Collection customization

Customize your collection and the spaces within.

Why publish and customize a collection?

Collections are most commonly published and therefore customized when the user wants to share different language or product versions in one place. Read more about sharing different language or product versions in one collection.

How is customizing a collection different from customizing a space?

Customizing a collection allows you to set top-level customizations that spaces within the collection can inherit. This is useful if you want to manage top-level customizations, letting you change customization options without having to change the settings for every space individually.

Customizing your collection lets you control the branding, presentation and extra features of your collection’s published content.

Most customization settings apply to your published content. This keeps your writing experience and in-app GitBook content consistent while allowing you to control the output to a degree.

Customization options

To learn more about each of the customization options read the guidance on space customization.

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