Share privately with a secure link

Share links give you greater control over who can view your GitBook documentation.
This feature is available on our Pro and Enterprise plans.
Share your private content with customers and partners without inviting them to your organization by using a secret shareable link or links!
A screenshot of a GitBook space, with the visibility menu open. The selected visibility option is share link.
A GitBook space published via share link
To publish via share link(s), open the space or collection you want to share in GitBook. Open the share menu and select share to an audience.
Next, click on publish with share links to access your share links. In this area will be able to review and name your share links, customize the UR and copy the links.
A screenshot of a GitBook space with link and domain settings, which is accessed from the visibility menu, open. Specific share links can be configured from here.
Link and domain settings for a GitBook space published via share link
Once the link is active, a private token is generated within your URL, which is unique to your space. Sharing this link will give non-GitBook users access to your private content in read mode only.
Share links can be revoked and regenerated at any time.


The content will be accessible to anyone following the link. Your team members will always be able to access your content from their dashboard.
Make sure you share the link only with people you want to share your private content. Don't forget that you can revoke a link at any time.
The shareable link can be disabled or regenerated by revoking a link. You can see and revoke any previously generated link by opening the visibility menu and clicking through to link and domain settings.
Heads up! Anyone using a revoked link will no longer have access to your content.

Other secure sharing options

Privacy of my content is not critical

If you don't have strong privacy and security requirements, a better solution may be to publish the space as unlisted. Unlisted spaces are not indexed by search engines, and therefore will not be easily discoverable.

I need a more secure alternative

Internal users

The most secure way to share your content with a private audience is to have them create a GitBook account and join your organization.
This process can be automated using SSO/SAML, which can be used to create custom authentication for your documentation. This will require setup on your end to integrate with your chosen identity provider.
External users
If you would like to share your public content with a large number of authenticated visitors, you might like to use our visitor authentication feature. This would allow you to design your own flow allowing you to authenticate users via a token. This solution requires engineering resources from your side - you can preview an example repository for Node.JS on GitHub.