Snippets (beta)

Add snippets of knowledge from your favorite tools, and GitBook AI will turn them into something useful

In GitBook, you can capture unstructured information using integrations, and GitBook AI will turn it into a snippet — a structured page of information that’s easy to read and digest. You can also create snippets manually within the app.

GitBook will index all of your snippets alongside the rest of your content and can reference them when you or your team searches for information. You can also merge snippets into existing docs or content to keep everything up to date.

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Create a snippet

You can create snippets in GitBook in different ways, depending on the tool you’re using or the workspace you’re in.

Create a snippet from a third-party tool

You can capture snippets from third-party tools using integrations. Depending on the tool you’re using, you can add snippets in different ways. Find out more about capturing snippets in third-party tools in the integrations section.

Every snippet you add to your organization will end up in the Snippets page, along with information about it — such as its source, author, and when it was created.

Create a snippet manually

You can create a snippet manually from the Snippets page, by clicking the Create your own card. A blank page will appear and you can add any information you’d like.

Edit a snippet

You can edit a snippet you’ve captured by clicking to open it from the Snippets page. This will open an editor view, where you can edit any information that might be wrong, or add additional context for things that might be missing.

Share a snippet

You can share a snippet with others as a direct link to the organization it’s in. When viewing a snippet, you’ll find the Copy link button in the top-right corner.

Convert a snippet to a page

You can convert a snippet to a full page within your documentation. To do this, open a snippet and choose Convert to page in the top-right corner.

You’ll be prompted to choose a space for your page — you can use the drop-down menu to search for a space or scroll. When you select a space, GitBook will add the content of the snippet as a new page, or open a change request if you select a space with locked live edits.

Note: When you convert a snippet to the page, GitBook will automatically archive the snippet. If you’ve linked to the snippet using an inline link or a snippet block, the links will still work but will take readers to the original snippet, not the new page.

Delete a snippet

A snippet is permanently deleted when you discard it.

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