GitBook supports the internationalization of a space or a collection, enabling public documentation user interface elements to be translated.
Publishing a collection as a variant lets you create a space per-language and publish the collection as unified UI, allowing readers to switch seamlessly between different language spaces.
An example of a translated documentation in Japanese.
The current supported languages are: English, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified) and Japanese.

Choosing a language for your content

By default your content will have the English language selected. To customize this, you can access the presentation options in the Customization panel for the space or collection you wish to change.

Inheriting language settings

If your space is inside a collection, you can set the localization language to 'Inherit' – this will keep the space's localization language in sync with the setting at the collection level and can be overridden at the space-level at any time.
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Choosing a language for your content
Inheriting language settings