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Visual Studio Code (alpha)

The GitBook integration for Visual Studio Code allows you to capture and recall information from your team’s knowledge base.
The GitBook Visual Studio Code integration allows you to collect, and share information to and from your company’s knowledge base. With a dedicated side panel and a list of different commands, you can easily utilize your entire team’s knowledge directly in the tool you use every day.
GitBook AI will summarize information that you or your team add to your knowledge base, turning your actions and narration into a snippet. And when you or a colleague need to learn more about something you’ve saved, you can ask GitBook AI and get a plain-text summary, with all the background needed to dive in deeper.

Installation & configuration

You can install the Visual Studio Code integration from the home screen in the GitBook app, or from the Visual Studio Code extension marketplace.
After installing the integration to Visual Studio Code, you’ll need to log into your GitBook account in order to complete the configuration.
The GitBook Extension for Visual Studio Code is only available for Macs with Apple silicon and Windows PCs at this time.

1. Sign into GitBook with your developer token

In order for Visual Studio Code to access GitBook, you’ll need to grant your IDE access by adding a developer token. You can generate a new GitBook developer token in your developer settings.
After you have your token, you can add it to Visual Studio Code via the Command Palette (⌘+⇧+P), under GitBook: Sign into GitBook.

2. Select your GitBook organization

After saving your personal access token, you’ll need to choose the organization that you’d like to add your snippets to.
In the Command Palette, you can choose an organization under the GitBook: Switch Organization option. If you’re only part of one organization, it’ll already be selected for you.

Add information to GitBook from VS Code

You can add knowledge to GitBook by capturing your voice and actions in Visual Studio Code. GitBook AI will combine these into a snippet — a structured, written guide containing the information you captured — and add it to your knowledge base in the Snippets page.

How to summon GitBook knowledge from VS Code

Using the GitBook VS Code extension, you can ask contextual questions in the side panel to access your team’s knowledge. This section also contains a list of recent snippets by people on your team, so you can quickly see what others are saving to your team’s knowledge base from VS Code.
To summon information, simply open the GitBook panel and type your query into the search bar. You’ll get a summarized result based on information in your GitBook organization.
This feature requires GitBook AI Search (beta) to be enabled for your organization.
Last modified 5d ago