Search your documentation easily through Slack with our integration!‌

You can use the /gitbook [search query] command in Slack to search for a specific term in your documentation.

Here's an example of us searching GitBook's documentation for the keyword "integrations":

/gitbook integrations

/gitbook integrations (example)

The /gitbook command is available in all of your channels and the results are visible to all members of the channel you have issued the command in!

🔧 Setup

  1. Click on the "Integrations" tab in your space

  2. Click the circular button next to "Slack"

  3. You will get a pop up asking you to choose your Slack workspace

  4. Select the workspace you want and review what you will be authorizing the app to do

  5. Select the channel in which you want GitBook to post to

  6. Click "Allow"

The fact you are able to select a specific channel to allow our GitBook app to post in, doesn't mean anything currently because we are not triggering any posts from activities in the linked GitBook Space. We may add some functionality in the future.

You should now see your Slack integration enabled in your "Integrations" tab.

You should also receive a welcome message from our GitBook app in the Slack channel you selected in step 5. 🤖‌

GitBook's app first post


Back in the "Integrations" tab, you can see the Slack integration and the channels you have allowed the GitBook app to post in:

Configure your Slack integration

You can remove access to a channel by clicking the x icon next to the channel or remove the whole integration by clicking the circular button at the top.