Search your documentation through Slack.

The Slack integration adds a slash command that can be used to search your documentation.

Once installed, you can use the /gitbook [search query] command to search for a specific term in your documentation.

Although the GitBook bot can only post in the channel you selected while setting up the integration, the command is available in any channel.


  1. Click on "Slack" and "Add to Slack" in your space's integrations settings

  2. Select the channel in which you want GitBook to post to

  3. Click "Authorize"

You should be redirected to your space's integrations settings with the Slack integration enabled. Also, you should receive a welcome message from the bot in the Slack channel you selected in step 3.


You can find the list of enabled integrations in the "Slack" panel of your space's integrations settings. Here you can see which workspace can use the GitBook command and the channels the bot can post to. You can remove access to a channel by clicking the cross icon next to the channel or remove the whole integration by clicking the one next to the workspace's name.