Notify a channel or individual in Slack with real-time events from GitBook.

Get started

To get started, you will need to install the Slack integration in GitBook and configure it to your need. For this, follow the steps described in these sections:

Feature overview

The GitBook Slack integration brings the power of GitBook to your Slack workspace. Your teams have instant access to your GitBook knowledge base, without leaving Slack.

Get notified of what's important

GitBook Status Updates in your Slack channels
Receive real-time Slack notifications when something important happens to your content on GitBook. For example, when your content is updated, published, etc.
Pick and choose what, where, and how you wish to be notified.
Nice-looking preview for all GitBook links shared in Slack
The GitBook Slack integration will automatically generate a nice-looking preview for all GitBook links shared in Slack.