While manually managing your organization members is fine for smaller teams or folks who want tonnes of control, sometimes you just need to open things up in a more automated way. GitBook allows you to configure this in a couple of ways, through a basic email domain SOO, and a more complex SAML integration.

Single sign-on via email domain

When you create or manage your organisation, you can add a list of email domains that you want to allow to access your GitBook organization. This means that anyone with a verified email address that matches your configured SSO domains will be allowed to join your organization.

You can enable email domain SSO in the ’SSO’ section of your organization settings; enter a comma-separated list of email domains you’d like to allow SSO access for and you’re good to go.

Anyone who joins via an SSO email domain will default to guest access, you can change their role at any time in the members section of your organization settings.

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