Organization-level custom domain

Please follow the steps to set a custom domain in this order:
Before you'll be able to set a custom domain for your organization, at least one space owned by the organization will need to be published. If all of the spaces are unpublished, you won't see the publishing section on the organization settings page.
You'll find the options for setting a custom domain for an organization within the organization settings page. To get there, open the settings menu. This is located at the bottom of the sidebar — click on the cog
icon to open the menu. Then, click on the [Org Name] Settings link. It will look something like this:
Accessing the organization settings
On the next page, in the Publishing section, next to Custom Domain, click the Connect a domain button.
An organization's settings page with the custom domain section highlighted
This will open up a window where you can enter the custom domain, and then click the Continue button:
Connect a domain
Behind the scenes, we'll check the DNS settings for the custom domain and we'll provide the value to use in the next step when you create your CNAME DNS record. Copy that value to your clipboard by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the value field.
The CNAME value for your custom domain
The value for the CNAME record will be in the format [something], where that [something] will be unique to you. Make sure to use the value displayed to you in the GitBook app, and not the value in the screenshot above! 🙂
Once you have copied the unique CNAME value to your clipboard, you're ready to move onto the next step: configuring DNS.