What is a collection?
Collections are groups of spaces centered around a specific topic, teams or purposes. Collections aren't just for grouping, though! You can set permissions specific to a collection, overriding the organization-level defaults (read more about that in permissions) or customize and publish a collection as a group of spaces known as a variant.

Creating a collection

You can create a collection directly in the sidebar:
Or, in the collection view, by hitting the 'New Collection' button:

Moving a collection

Simply drag and drop a collection in the sidebar to reorder it. Drop it onto another collection to nest it inside, or drop it from your Personal library into your Organization library (or vice-versa) to move it between libraries.
If you can't, or prefer not to, drag and drop, you can also move a collection by selecting the 'Move to…' command in the collection's menu:

Nesting collections

Collections can be nested inside each other, creating a collection -> sub-collection -> space hierarchy. Either drag or drop a collection into another, or nest it by using the 'Move to…' command on the collection you want to move.

Deleting a collection

Select 'Delete' from the collection's menu to delete the collection.
Deleting a collection is final, but spaces inside a deleted collection will be moved to 'Trash' and can be restored up to 7 days after deletion.