Free trial

What is the 14-day trial?

The trial provides you the opportunity to test all GitBook features, start onboarding your team and create your content. During this period we will stay available for any product questions you may have.

How do I start a free trial?

Once you signed up you are on your personal account from where you can create an organization which automatically enables the free trial.
The banner in the sidebar indicates how many days you have left on your trial. You will as well get emails to let you know when it expires.

Do I have to provide a credit card to start a trial?

No credit cards are required to start a trial. Once your trial has expired and you'd like to upgrade you will need to provide your credit card details.

Which features can I test during this free trial?

You can test all GitBook features available in the Team and Business plans. You can check our pricing plans to compare the feature differences.

Which features are part of the team/business plan?

Check out our pricing plans to see the differences between the plans and features we offer.

How do I see if I am on the team/business plan?

Once you created your organization you will automatically enable the 14-day trial. Business features can be differentiated by the asterisks ✨ .

What happens after my trial expired?

After 14 days, you organization will be frozen meaning that you can't edit, collaborate or invite team members anymore. You will be required to upgrade to one of our paid plans.
Single users can transfer their content back to their personal plan.

How do I upgrade my organization?

During your trial you will see some banners which you can click on to upgrade by selecting the plan that fits your needs. You can also go to the billing section of your organization settings, enter billing details and upgrade from there.

Can I extend my trial?

If you have a large organization and you are interested in the business plan or the enterprise plan and need some more time to onboard your team you can get in touch with us via [email protected]. We will go through some requirements first and would be happy to help you! 😊