Create an organization
Click on the + button to start creating an organization.
You will be asked to select the correct plan (business or community), name the organisation and then select the template or alternatively you can start your documents from scratch.

Business trial

Selecting business will automatically start with a 14 day trial to let you explore all the possibilities of GitBook. At the end of the trial, your organization will be frozen meaning that you can still read the content of all your docs, but will no longer able to write or invite new members until you upgrade.

Community plan

GitBook is free for personal use, as well as for open-source and non profit organizations. If your organization falls under this category you can apply for a community plan. Please note that community organizations are subject to moderation.
Read more about the community plan and how you can qualify:

Set up your organization

Once you've selected a plan, enter some basic info about your organization and you're good to go!