Create an organization

When you create an organization, you automatically start with a 14 day trial to let you explore all the possibilities of GitBook. 🤩 At the end of the trial, your organization will be frozen meaning that you can still read the content of all your docs, but will no longer able to write or invite new members until you upgrade.

There are 3 different ways to create an organization:

👩🏻🦰 From your personal workspace‌

You can start creating your first organization from the invite banner in your personal workspace.

Click on "Invite your team" to start creating an organization

🏠 From the dashboard

Click on the + button to start creating an organization.

Follow the steps and you will be brought to your newly created space and organization.

From a premium feature in a space

You are invited to create an organization when clicking on a premium feature from your personal space.

Premium features are only available when upgrading to the Team plan.

Now that you have created your first space and your first organization 🎉 , you can have a look at your account settings.