Configure the Linear integration

Install and configure the Linear integration

Install the integration

To start using the Linear integration, you will need to install it in your GitBook library or just on a single space. To do this, follow the steps described in the install an integration section.
Once it is installed, you will need to connect it to your Linear workspace to complete the installation.

Configure the integration

After installing the integration to your space or GitBook library, you will first need to authorize the Linear integration to connect to your Linear workspace.
Step 1: Authorize the connection
In the configuration section of the integration's configuration screen, click the authorize button.
Step 2: Grant the GitBook Linear app access to your Linear workspace
This will open up a pop-up window requesting permission for the GitBook app to access your Linear workspace.
Make sure that you're logged into the correct Linear workspace.
Then, click the allow access button to grant permission and complete the authorization flow.
This will bring you back to the integration's configuration screen if the authorization was successful.
Step 3: Configure which spaces the integration is installed on (Optional)
Next you can choose to install the integration on all spaces in your organization (under space access), or choose to install it on select spaces by choosing them individually (under space configuration).
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