Space settings

🏘 From the dashboard‌

Some settings that are specific to spaces are accessible by clicking the ... button.

Settings from your dashboard

🏠 Set as default space

You can set one of your spaces as default, which means the organization domain will link to the default space.

You recognize a default space by the 🏠icon

Move space

You can transfer a space any time. In your organization's dashboard find your space, then transfer the space using the menu.

🧙 Tips: To transfer space ownership, you need to be an admin of the organization. Note that if you're transferring a space from an organization to another organization, you need admin permission in both organizations. 👾🏢

🌌 From your space

You can access most of your space settings directly in your space by clicking on the different tabs of the control center. You can change the visibility of your space and generate a private link, customize your space (logo, title, theme and color, font, header...), manage your teams' permissions, setup integrations...

📤 Export your space

From your space, click on the Advanced tab and open the Danger zone section to export data related to your space. These data include:

  • 🖼 Assets

  • 🤫 Space information (name, ID, visibility settings)

  • 📄 Pages content

🗑 Delete your space

You can delete your space from the dashboard or from your space by clicking on the Advanced tab > Danger zone. Click on the delete button and then confirm by typing "DELETE" on the confirmation modal.

You can delete your space by clicking on the advanced tab

Deleting your space is non reversible, once deleted there is no going back.