Notifications provide updates about the activity on GitBook that comes from spaces owned by you or an organization that you are a member of
We have two communication channels for notifying you about activity on GitBook:
  1. 1.
    App - in the application itself
  2. 2.
    Email - via an email to your personal account's email address
We support several types of notifications which you can disable or enable in Notification settings.

Application notifications

You can find application notifications in the left sidebar, at the bottom left. There is a bell
icon that indicates if you have unread notifications. If you click that icon, you get the notifications pop up.
The notifications pop up, lists all notifications ordered by the most recent.
Notification retention policy: We keep your notifications forever, but we may change that in the future.
The notifications pop up has two icons at the top right corner. A double checkmark
icon, that allows you to mark all your notifications as read. And a gear
icon, that will open up the Notification Settings.

Email notifications

Email notifications are enabled by default. You can disable them in your notifications settings. When enabled, GitBook will send one email per notification type. This will go to the email address of your personal account.
The email appears to be from:
[email protected] via

Possible issues

As with every delivery, there's always a chance of not receiving the email. Possible reasons include but are not limited to:
  • Our email ends up in your spam or caught by another protection mechanism.
  • The email has bounced many times and as a result it got blocked by SendGrid (which is the service we are using to send out those emails).
  • A temporary delivery problem that will resolve on its own.
  • Wrong expectation about the notifications you should be receiving.
  • Wrong expectation about the email address we would be sending the notification to.
What you can do:
  • Check your spam or other protection mechanism and make sure our email address is not blocked on your end.
  • Wait it out if you know there's a temporary issue with your provider.
  • Check your settings and make sure the Email channel is enabled for the notification type that you are expecting an email about.
  • Make sure you are checking the correct email address. You can see the email address of your personal account in your account settings.
  • Contact us if all other things fail. Please, include as much information as possible. The email address you expect to receive the notification to, the type of the notification (you can see that in the settings), and the exact link of what you feel should have triggered that notification for you.

Notification settings

For each channel (Email, App) you can configure which notifications to receive. You can choose to turn them all off if you need to be more focused for a period of time.

Notification types

We send out notifications for the following areas, and we'll be adding more:
  • Spaces and collections
  • Change requests
  • Comments
  • Mentions
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